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Connecting and Empowering Women

Bella’s True Passion

Bella Barak is passionate about helping women create and maintain healthy, toned bodies that emphasize their true, feminine shape. She developed the BBF method to strengthen, trim and tighten typical female problem areas and help women create a highly defined body.

Everyone Stays Happy

Time for A Change

Bella wanted to open a private studio just for women to give women a space to work out without feeling uncomfortable or self conscious, and to offer a strong community of motivating, inspiring women as a support system to all BBF members. After all, achieving fitness goals is much easier to do with the support of great women in a positive, motivating environment.


Read Bella’s personal fitness story on the blog, titled “behind the scenes” My weight loss journey for more on how she found weight loss success and went on to help others through the BBF studio.

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