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There are things that I consider great to do in an effort to stay lean and healthy, like drink green juice and meal-plan. Then there are things that I swear by and highly recommend for everyone who is able to do them- Things that work 100% of the time to give you the best body ever:

1. Running. The most effective way to stay lean, hands down. I run 3 miles 3 times a week and that’s all I need to maintain my happy weight. Not everyone can run due to joint issues and such, but if you can, definitely go out there and do it. It’s the best. Terrain works better than treadmill.

2. 10 Daily Pushups. Sounds like nothing but makes a huge difference in upper body strength and definition. Seriously!

3. Plyometric exercises. You will not be in your best shape if you don’t do plyos. Plyos spike your metabolism, define your abs and legs, and make you super strong and lean. #DoMorePlyos

4. Not drinking beer. Drinking beer will always give you a beer body. I did an experiment on myself and noticed how my waistline grew despite daily workouts and healthy eating. Beer may taste good, but it will make you look bad. Say no to beer!

5. Sleep. Everyone knows sleep can make or break you. If you’re constantly sleep deprived, you’ll store fat around your middle and won’t have the energy to burn it off completely. Make your bedtime 2 hours after dinner and make your dinner no later than 8 pm.

6. Never being hungry. Or thirsty. Don’t let yourself get hungry throughout the day because it’ll slow down your metabolism over time. The best way to portion control is to eat on a semi-empty stomach. That way you’ll never feel the urge to swallow everything in site and stuff yourself silly. Being thirsty means you’re already dehydrated and will deplete you of energy. You’ll also eat more if you’re thirsty, so carry water with you everywhere you go if possible.

Do you have things you swear by to help you feel good and stay fit? Please share!

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  1. I’ve got the sleep part in the bag!

  2. Great blog. I’m following all this things for my fitness. I taking tips as well as training from Personal Fitness Trainer in Launceston.

  3. I was unaware about the 6th concept thanks for sharing this. We should follow the steps in our daily life to stay healthy and Physically fit.


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