Super Sweet Leg and Butt Toners


Here’s the video for this workout.

Sequence breakdown:

Move 1: On your side, forearm down, knees bent and legs stacked, hand on your hip. Exhale, take your hips up. Bring the top leg up and extend it to the side. Bend the top knee, stack the legs and bring your hips down to the mat as you inhale. Repeat 10-12 times. Works butt and outer thigh. 

Move 2: On all fours, keep your knee bent as you take the leg up as high as you can, squeezing at the top. Cross that knee over the other knee, uncross and lift, squeeze at the top. Bring back to starting. Repeat 10 times. Works butt.

Move 3: The “peeing dog” exercise! With that knee you were just working with, bring it out the side as high as you can. Extend the leg to the side, bend it back and return to starting. Repeat 10 times and do Moves 2 and 3 on the other side. Works butt and hips. 

Move 4: Turn over on your back, arms by your side. Keep your pelvis tucked as you exhale and bring the hips up so your body is about 2 inches above the mat. You’re weight is evenly distributed between your shoulders and heels. Hold that position for 5-10 counts, feel the tension as it builds in the hamstrings. From there, start alternating taking the knees into the chest. For a challenge: Work one leg at a time. Take the right knee into the chest 10 times, then switch. Keep your hips up as high as you can throughout the movement. Works hamstrings (back of legs). 

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