How to Lose Weight and Keep Your Curves


Losing weight shouldn’t mean losing your feminine curves. Not only can you keep your curves while losing weight, you can define and emphasize them even more!

I see a lot of women who are obviously fit but lack the curvature that makes a woman look womanly (Madonna is an example of a woman who got fit but lost her curves).

I created the BBF program for women who want a tiny waist, slim arms and a round booty without looking like they spend all day at the gym. Here are a couple tips to achieve that look:

Eat well. Chicken, fish, lean beef, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lots of water. Make sure your body is nourished and satisfied with healthy, balanced meals that consist of a protein like chicken, whole grain carbs and vegetables like avocados, asparagus and spinach. These foods will not only help you lose unwanted fat, they’ll make your skin glow as well.

Resistance training is key. If you’re an avid runner, balance your running with resistance training to keep a curvy shape. If you want to add tone and shape to your body but avoid bulk and thickness, use your own body weight as resistance instead of ¬†typical gym machines loaded with heavy weights.* Pay attention to female problem areas when you train, and work them properly. Focus on building the glutes and thighs with squats, lunges and other dynamic exercises, maintaing proper form and full range of motion. Carve out your waistline with exercises that engage your obliques, and create upper body and back definition with a variety of pushups and other upper body exercises.

Cardio is also crucial to bringing out the curves underneath the fat. Combine longer bouts of steady cardio (30-45 min) with HIIT training to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic efficiency.

If you’re unsure about how to tone your curves and lose fat without bulking up or losing your feminine shape, stop by the BBF studio and ask to see a sample workout.

*This suggestion is for women who are not genetically slim (think Gisele Bundchen). If you are naturally slim, training with heavier weights will add shape to your body without making you look bulky.


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