Do this ONE thing to reach your goals faster


Here’s something that guarantees you’ll do more in your next workout, especially when your body is running on empty and your muscles can’t take no more: Always always always have this ONE word in your head the whole time, and repeat it to yourself until you’re done-


Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go until you finish the entire set or hear the timer go off.

It’s crazy how much more your body will do when you repeat this word in your mind. But don’t just say it. Scream it at yourself in your mind! GO, JEN (or whatever your name is), GO! GO! GO! GOOOOO!

You might think this is silly, but ask yourself what actually goes through your mind when you’re gasping for oxygen and your muscles are killing you but you still have 20 seconds of burpees to go. If you’re human and normal, your natural response in this state is STOP. That’s all you can think and all you want to do. You stop almost involuntarily because you just.can’t.anymore. You have nothing motivating you to keep going in that moment. You’ll leave the workout not feeling as awesome as you could have had you done more.

So to do more and maximize your workout, you have to come equipped with strong mental game. And, lol, it shouldn’t be a quote you read on Pinterest or even a tattoo you have on your wrist. It should be something extremely simple but effective. GO is an amazing, powerful word that your mind registers as a command. It’s great, as will be your workout!

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One of those days


We are our own worst critics, and when we have a bad day or just one of those days where we are struggling and not performing to our own standards, we can really beat ourselves up. I want to remind you that you are as strong as your best day, not your worst. Don’t ever […]

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Do It Afraid


I remember coming across this quote a while back. It stayed with me and has been something I remind myself of in particularly special situations when I feel held back by fear of sucking. Like pretty much everyone, I hate not being good at something I really want to be good at, and I’ve shied […]

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Find Your Chia


Over-the-counter skincare products do more harm than good not only for your skin, but your entire body. Most moisturizers contain parabens, phthalates and other toxins that have carcinogenic effects in the body and speed up aging rather than reverse it. You’re basically throwing your money and health away every morning and night when you apply […]

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What Is Your Standard?


Wouldn’t it be great to just be fat? If no one was there to judge you for it, if your husband or boyfriend truly didn’t care one way or another, if the world catered to whatever size you happened to be on any given day without making you feel bad, guilty and self conscious. If […]

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