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Over-the-counter skincare products do more harm than good not only for your skin, but your entire body. Most moisturizers contain parabens, phthalates and other toxins that have carcinogenic effects in the body and speed up aging rather than reverse it. You’re basically throwing your money and health away every morning and night when you apply moisturizer to your face!

A naturally healthy and more effective alternative is chia seed extract, which is a clinically tested emollient, adjuvant, and healing agent that naturally restores the skin to its most radiant form. Chia seeds are ancient grains that have been used for ages to fight disease, restore health and promote youth, and now they’re available as a daily moisturizer effective on all skin types.


ChiaDerm Chia Serum is rich in Vitamin E,  anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which fight free radical damage from the inside. This serum contains no other filler oils or preservatives; simply pure chia seed extract. It is noncomodegenic and will not irritate the skin, so it is especially great for those with sensitive skin or Rosacea.

Use ChiaDerm Serum as an eye cream, cuticle softener, lip balm and moisturizer wherever hydration is needed. Now available at a special discounted price at the BBF studio:

1 oz: $35 (reg. $75)

.05 oz: $20 (reg. $40)

Visit to learn more about ChiaDerm Serum and contact the BBF studio to purchase.

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What Is Your Standard?


Wouldn’t it be great to just be fat? If no one was there to judge you for it, if your husband or boyfriend truly didn’t care one way or another, if the world catered to whatever size you happened to be on any given day without making you feel bad, guilty and self conscious. If […]

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The Secret to Weight Loss Success


People who reach their fitness goals after starting a regimen and those who fail have one thing in common: They each start a regimen. The difference is the former finish while the latter quit. Most people start a lot of things they don’t finish. They’ll buy a book and only read the first chapter, pick […]

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Looking at Beauty


Female beauty is gravely misunderstood, praised, shunned and shamed all the time. Superficial beauty- the kind that’s created with makeup, clothes, styling products and yes, exercise- is for enjoyment, just like most other pretty things like flowers and teacups. Superficial beauty becomes a problem when it affects a woman’s self esteem- When women feel shamed, […]

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Post-Baby Body on Blast


Fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen posts a selfie 4 days after giving birth, showing off her washboard abs, and gets a flurry of internet hate: Pin It “This is not a selfie. This is an act of war,”  said Mama Mia blogger Rebecca Sparrow. The Daily Telegraph‘s Sarrah Le Marquand called Berg Eriksen “genetically freakish” and, […]

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