Do It Afraid


I remember coming across this quote a while back. It stayed with me and has been something I remind myself of in particularly special situations when I feel held back by fear of sucking. Like pretty much everyone, I hate not being good at something I really want to be good at, and I’ve shied away from doing  things I know I won’t excel at without putting in some effort.

In my mind, the knowledge that I won’t be good at it, the vision of failing and the effort and time it’ll take to master it overwhelms me and makes me feel a little too vulnerable. Basically it feels like I’m not in my comfort zone, and that is not a comfortable feeling. (<– how deeply profound was that?!)

So “Do It Afraid” has been a post-it note on my brain ever since I came across it, and it’s pushed me toward at least starting on these challenges, which has led me to excelling and mastering each one I’ve taken on.

I see the girls in the studio do the same. Many come in either as beginners to exercise altogether or at least new to the types of workouts we do. It’s scary to walk into a new place with new people and put your body through an hour of something it’s never done before. The first class typically always sucks and is not exactly a confidence boost. BUT, the fact that you did something despite the mental and emotional urge to avoid it surely is.

Soon enough, the exercises become doable, your body becomes capable, the room and the rest of the girls in it become familiar, and everything just isn’t so scary anymore. That usually happens after the first week. From there you start mastering your own weaknesses and seeing results, and you know you’ve gotten yourself out of your comfort zone.

What a liberating and empowering feeling it is to know that you don’t have to wait until you’re confident to start something. You can always do it afraid.

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Find Your Chia


Over-the-counter skincare products do more harm than good not only for your skin, but your entire body. Most moisturizers contain parabens, phthalates and other toxins that have carcinogenic effects in the body and speed up aging rather than reverse it. You’re basically throwing your money and health away every morning and night when you apply […]

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What Is Your Standard?


Wouldn’t it be great to just be fat? If no one was there to judge you for it, if your husband or boyfriend truly didn’t care one way or another, if the world catered to whatever size you happened to be on any given day without making you feel bad, guilty and self conscious. If […]

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The Secret to Weight Loss Success


People who reach their fitness goals after starting a regimen and those who fail have one thing in common: They each start a regimen. The difference is the former finish while the latter quit. Most people start a lot of things they don’t finish. They’ll buy a book and only read the first chapter, pick […]

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Looking at Beauty


Female beauty is gravely misunderstood, praised, shunned and shamed all the time. Superficial beauty- the kind that’s created with makeup, clothes, styling products and yes, exercise- is for enjoyment, just like most other pretty things like flowers and teacups. Superficial beauty becomes a problem when it affects a woman’s self esteem- When women feel shamed, […]

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